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Will Filing Bankruptcy Stop My Wages From Being Garnished?

Many people ask me, “Will filing bankruptcy stop my wages from being garnished?” They are already short on cash and desperately seeking a way to survive.     The short answer is yes, with a few limited exceptions such as past … Continue reading

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¡Ayuda! Alguien declarado en bancarrota en mi nombre sin que yo lo supiera. ¿Qué debo hacer?

Imagínese si alguien se declaró en bancarrota en su nombre sin su conocimiento. Bueno, eso le pasó a la persona en la historia adjunta. En su caso, el Sr. Azibo tuvo que contratar a un abogado para obtener su caso … Continue reading

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Help! Someone Filed Bankruptcy In My Name Without My Knowing. What Do I Do?

Imagine if someone filed bankruptcy in your name without your knowledge.  Well that happened to the person in the attached story.  In his case, Mr. Azibo had to hire an attorney to get his case expunged so it doesn’t remain … Continue reading

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