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Short Sales Resisted as Foreclosures Are Revived

From the N.Y. Times: By MICHAEL POWELL PHOENIX — Bank of America and GMAC are firing up their formidable foreclosure machines again today, after a brief pause. But hard-pressed homeowners like Lydia Sweetland are asking why lenders often balk at … Continue reading

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Lawyers got it right on the foreclosure mess

By Eugene RobinsonFriday, October 22, 2010; A25 Don’t blame the lawyers. The crisis over faulty or fraudulent paperwork in mortgage foreclosures — which is either a big deal or a humongous deal, depending on which experts you believe — is … Continue reading

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Foreclosure Furor Rises – Many Call for a Freeze –

By DAVID STREITFELD and GRETCHEN MORGENSON The uproar over bad conduct by mortgage lenders intensified Tuesday, as lawmakers in Washington requested a federal investigation and the attorney general in Texas joined a chorus of state law enforcement figures calling for … Continue reading

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Consumer bankruptcy filings climb 11% – MarketWatch

By Alistair Barr SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — U.S. consumer bankruptcy filings rose 11% in the first nine months of this year, versus the same period in 2009, the American Bankruptcy Institute said Monday, citing data from the National Bankruptcy Research … Continue reading

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7 major lenders ordered to review foreclosure procedures

By Ariana Eunjung ChaWashington Post Staff WriterThursday, September 30, 2010; 10:39 PM A top federal bank regulator said Thursday that he has directed seven of the nation’s largest lenders to review their foreclosure processes after learning about the widespread mishandling … Continue reading

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