Is it Impossible to Be a Success After Bankruptcy?

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Bankruptcy can not only prevent failure but it can also be a key to success. Can you imagine how much easier it could be to follow your dreams without the burden of debt looming over you?

As soon as you decide to get our from under your debt, you’ve gotten control over your life again. Asking a St. Louis bankruptcy attorney for credit card debt help, protection from foreclosure, and relief from the harassment of your creditors is a responsible move and can be seen as your first step toward success.

There are actually quite a few pioneers of industry who had to start over with bankruptcy before they could fully follow their dreams. Here are some of history’s most famous examples of people who wiped the slate clean and became the massive successes we know them as today.

1. Milton Hershey had to file bankruptcy after his first attempt at opening a candy shop. However, getting rid of his debts allowed him to open up the Lancaster Caramel Company and become one of the biggest candy makers in the world.

2. Walt Disney had to file for bankruptcy protection after many filed attempts at making movies. After filing, he created Mickey Mouse and released “Steamboat Willie,” launching him into success and allowing him to become a legend that children still revere.

3. Henry Ford filed for bankruptcy after his Model T prototype failed. Getting rid of his debts allowed him to reorganize his finances and start the Ford Motor Company.

Though these three people are all incredibly different, they share a common beginning. They all knew that in order to succeed, they must first get help with their debts. Simply asking for help and getting rid of their debts allowed them to become some of the biggest successes in American history.

These three aren’t the only ones who’ve seen great success after bankruptcy. Many modern actors, athletes, and entrepreneurs have used bankruptcy protection to start over. Cyndi Lauper, George Foreman, Willie Nelson, and Donald Trump are just a few of these celebrities; but the list doesn’t end there. People who’ve filed bankruptcy, celebrity or not, have some of the greatest success stories this country has seen.

These celebrity bankruptcy stories can really tell us something. You must do whatever you need to do to follow your dreams. If that means asking a St. Louis bankruptcy attorney for credit card debt help, protection from foreclosure, and relief from your creditors, then so be it. Your bankruptcy can be the inspiration for your future success too.

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2 Responses to Is it Impossible to Be a Success After Bankruptcy?

  1. Once declared bankrupt, the debtor might face problems attaining a new current account. This is the most strongly felt impact of personal bankruptcy and can result in relationship tensions beyond those caused by harassing collectors as this is more permanent than an insulting telephone call that lasts a few uncomfortable minutes…..Declaring Personal Bankruptcy

  2. leland says:

    It's very interesting to read about these incredibly successful people who had to receive help with bankruptcy. Like with many other things, it's hard for people to admit that they need help but it's no good ignoring them and hoping they go away. The first step is admitting to the problem and then the next is to go find help.

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